My Work Shedule

Time MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday Friday
11 AM Clock IN Clock INClock INClock INClock IN
12 AM Go down to the printer and pick up faxes At desk eating late breakfeast and look at reportsGo down to the printer and send faxes to the other branches.Make phonecalls and right down customer reports Send Weekly report to corporate
1 PM File paper work and hand out workTeam Meeting about the week prior PaperworkBrake Review Employee complaints if any or Send emails to customers
2 PM BrakePaperworkPaperworkPaperwork Brake
3 PM Get faxes if any or work on customer ordersBrakeBrake Discuss with mangment about employee Brake
4 PM Leaving workLeaving WorkLeaving WorkLeaving Work Leaving work